To all Houston-area Episcopal parishes, organizations and individuals,

Houston Canterbury (serving UH, TSU, UHD, HCC & SJC), extends to you a joyful invitation to connect more closely between our student-based community and your wonderful parish communities. Our students would love to get to know you and your parishioners/members better, and for your parishioners/members to meet college students who are energetic about Christ & the Episcopal Church.
You and your congregation are warmly invited to join Houston Canterbury (Episcopal college campus ministry) for a “Shared Meal Sunday” one Sunday during the Spring 2020 Semester. We would love to have 3-6 (or more!) members of your congregation join us in cooking a meal to share together, sharing a service of Holy Eucharist together, and eating dinner together on a Sunday evening. Cooking would begin around 5pm or earlier if needed – we would be happy to split any grocery costs. Worship and the meal both begin at 6:30pm . Everything takes place at St. Luke the Evangelist Episcopal Church, 3530 Wheeler Ave, 77004, between the campuses of UH & TSU. Parking is available adjacent the church, at 3531 Rosewood Ave. We generally plan to feed 20-25 people per week, including members of your congregation. We hope this becomes a continuing connection & that we can have your congregation join us once each semester – twice per year – in the future. 

Please sign up on the Google Sheets document linked below to choose a date that works for you! If you like, we would also be happy to have some of our students and/or missioners join you in your parish on that same Sunday morning & perhaps share a bit about campus ministry with your parishioners as well.
Sign-up link here:

Is the meal to be cooked at the meeting site? 

It’s fine to either cook at St. Luke’s or bring food from elsewhere. It’s completely up to you.

 Can it be cooked at another site and brought to the meeting? 

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. It’s totally your choice.

As exact or as close as possible, the number of people to be served?  

We ask folks to plan for about 20 people. We don’t always have that many attend, but it’s helpful to send students home with leftovers, especially since food insecurity on campuses is unfortunately very common.

Is there any specific type of food to be served?

Our students are very open in terms of food. The only request is to also have a vegan & gluten free option that could serve about 2 people if possible. If that’s not possible, no worries, just let us know. We have a vegan food truck next door & we can pick up something vegan before the service in case we need it. Other than that, anything you’d like to bring would be great. Some recent meals have been grilled chicken & rice, spaghetti, soups, chilis, breakfast for dinner, lasagna, and all sorts of easy-cook meals. Often people will do one-pot meals that can be very easily made in large quantities & are easy to clean up.  

Time of meeting and time dinner to be served?

  Both the worship and the meal begin at 6:30pm on Sunday. If you plan to bring food from elsewhere you may want to arrive around 6pm, or if you want to cook on site you may want to arrive an hour or two earlier depending on how long the meal takes to prepare. I am able to open the building & kitchen as early as you need.

Is there a kitchen at the meeting location where the meal can be prepared, warmed before serving and plated for serving?

Yes, the kitchen at St. Luke’s is available and fully stocked for meal preparation, and it is directly adjacent to the parish hall where our meal & worship take place. Our meals are served buffet style, so our students and all guests/attendees can plate and serve themselves. Also, Houston Canterbury is always happy to cover any grocery costs you might incur. If you would like to cook on site and would like some volunteer help, just let us know and we can ask one or two students to help out.

Please contact Rev. Charles Graves at with any questions, concerns etc.

Let’s make something together.