Houston Canterbury, a ministry of the Episcopal Church, exists to form Christian communities where undergraduate and graduate students experience:
– support for the journey that strengthens hopefulness and courage and equips us for service in our own communities;
– freedom to question, struggle, and celebrate;
– invitation into a lifelong engagement with the living and active Word of God and the Spirit-formed community of the Church, which is the Body of Christ in the world.


This ministry for and by students, faculty and staff has a home base at the AD Bruce Religion Center, 3841 Cullen Blvd, Suite 205, on the main campus of the University of Houston. However, we believe in going out to the places where college students live and work to gather people, regardless of school affiliation.

Instead of building upon the classic Episcopal Student Center-based model for college ministry, Houston Canterbury is a network of diverse missional communities on campus (at University of Houston, Texas Southern University, and University of Houston-Downtown) and off campus where we meet in restaurants and homes.  We nurture partnerships with local churches to form peer communities for young adults where leadership development, vocational discernment, training in the basics of adulting, and Christian formation can occur.

Consequently, many of us are students who are taking the long and local road to a degree, while trying to balance the priorities of family, work, and school.  Many of us are deeply connected to minority and immigrant communities, and we care deeply about social justice for the marginalized.  Many of us are first generation college students or first generation in the US college students, trying to make our way – together.


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