For the past several years, the Diocese of Texas and the Diocese of Costa Rica have been working together as partners in mission.  This year, your college missioners are putting together a college team, and we hope you will join us.

Here are the FAQs and the CR Brochure:
When is the trip? May 23-30.  Be prepared to depart from the Houston Intercontinental airport early on May 23.  That may mean staying overnight in the Houston area on May 22.

Where are we going?  The plan is to head to San José, the capital of Costa Rica.  We will be staying at the diocesan house and working near the city.

What will we do there?  Although there will be some manual labor alongside our friends in mission, a lot of our work will be about building relationships with the people of the Diocese of Costa Rica as they seek to reach out to their neighbors in mission.  You will be part of holy conversations with people who are doing courageous work to reach out to refugees and immigrants, and with those who are trying to think about how the diocese might begin its own college and young adult ministries.  This trip will be an opportunity for mutual learning, and we hope you will come home inspired to try something new in your own context.

Who can go?  Students and adult sponsors connected to diocesan campus ministries.

How much does the trip cost?  The raw per person cost of the trip is $1750.  This includes airfare from Houston, local travel, housing, food, and an excursion day.

What if I can’t pay the full cost of the trip?  Talk to your campus missioner about your financial needs when you apply for the trip.  We will be assisting students with financial need through a combination of scholarships and fundraising.  We also understand that taking a week away is a sacrificial act.

What will be expected of me as a participant prior to and after the trip?
All participants must have or be able to obtain a passport by April 2018.
Participants must be willing to participate in fundraising, pre-trip training, and opportunities to tell the story following the trip.
Participants who are not able to pay the full cost of their trip should communicate their financial need to their college missioner during the application process so that appropriate fundraising goals can be set and pursued.
Participants must be willing to provide documentation that they have met at least the minimal requirements for vaccines as stated by trip coordinators.  In most travel years, the only minimal requirement is a tetanus vaccine in the last ten years.

I am interested.  What next?  If you would like to talk to a trip organizer, contact The Rev. Eileen O’Brien,, to set up a time to chat about details.

Once you are persuaded to join the team, fill out the application form for the trip by January 25 (or earlier), and turn it in to your college missioner.  By February 1, all applicants will have heard back from the coordinating team.  At that point, a $200 deposit is due, and we will collect your information to purchase plane tickets.  Know that once those tickets are purchased in your name, you are responsible for paying the cost of the tickets, whether you go or not.