TSU Group Chat is a new weekly gathering on Thursdays from 1-2 pm at the TSU Student Center. It is an opportunity to come as you are, offer your questions, share your experiences, and lift up your prayers and joys, while allowing yourself to be curious, vulnerable, and intentional.

In The Good Book, renowned black theologian and preacher Peter Gomes writes, “The Bible is not inclusive simply in the abstract and in principle. It is inclusive in particular. Your story is written here, your sins and fears addressed, your hopes confirmed, your experiences validated, and your name known to God.” In today’s world, we rarely stop and think about what this word ‘inclusive’ actually means as far as it relates to our Christian faith. For centuries, the Bible has been used as a weapon against “the other”: person’s of color, women, LGBQT+ community, and all those who didn’t quite fit into the perceived norm. Even today, Christians struggle to discuss these taboos because they are draw up a painful and conflicted past and tap into the pain of the present.  This pain, though, and those who live on the margins, do not go away if we simply ignore them.  And as Christians, we worship a savior who came to confront the pain of humanity, to stand as the stranger on our doorstep, and to be in solidarity with the marginalized and rejected.

“Wait, what?!”
There have likely been moments in your life when you have uttered these exact words while reading a particular passage from the Bible. Join us this semester as we start to unpack some of those passages in search of deeper understanding as we deal with the Bible as a “public, living and inclusive” text. We will be using Peter J. Gomes’ The Good Book: Reading the Bible with Mind and Heart to help guide our discussions. 

TSU Group Chat begins on Thursday, September 13, 1-2pm at the student center. Lunch will be provided. We hope you are able to come, bring a friend, and stay for the discussion and fellowship.

Please feel free to contact Campus Missioner, Maria Bautista Vargas, with any questions at mbautista@houstoncanterbury.org