You have opened your Bible.  Now what? 

In his Confessions, Augustine tells us of an experience that changed his life, when he followed what seems to him to be a divine song speaking directly to him, “Take up and read.”  We are told that he picked up his Bible, opened to Romans 13 (of all chapters!), read, and “instantly…, by a light as it were of serenity infused in my heart, all the darkness of doubt vanished away!”

Others have surely had such experiences, but for many, such as the Episcopal priest and church historian Rowan Greer, the Bible is more of “an acquired taste.”  It is not easy reading.  We do not always know what to ask of it, or what it is asking of us.  And yet, there is something deeply trustworthy there, and God shows up in the strange and convoluted stories of God’s people.  Those who develop disciplines of return to Scripture, even when it frustrates, are rewarded with a sense of being in a larger conversation with very many wise and foolish companions throughout the ages who have sought God and with a God who seeks us out.

Some simple questions for this week’s journey:
What three adjectives would you use to describe the Bible?

If you were to describe “The Story” of the Bible in three movements,
where would you start?
where would you go?
where does it lead us in the end?

As you tell “The Story” of the Bible in those three simple movements (where does it start? where does it go? where does it lead in the end?), how does the way you are telling that Story connect with the story of your life right now?  How does it speak to your struggle?  How does it speak to your hope?

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