Get excited for all things Houston Canterbury happening at TSU this semester!

A new semester can be filled with a variety of emotions: excitement, joy, fear and anxiety. For transfer students and freshmen, this can be heightened with being in a new environment. Houston Canterbury hopes to create a space where everyone who is seeking can find belonging, food for thought, and renewal of the spirit within you.

Sunday, August 26, 6:30-8:30 pm:  We want to meet you!
Communion and Dinner with The Gathering at St. Luke the Evangelist, 3530 Wheeler Ave.
31949260_784106151783285_6049418611297091584_oThe Gathering is a worship service and dinner every Sunday night right across the street from University Towers.  You are welcome to join us for the service and dinner, but if you just need to find some dinner on a Sunday night, you are also more than welcome to join us in the parish hall around 7:30 pm.  Just come on over!

What can you expect at the worship service?  Expect a diverse community where we are more interested in belonging than “membership”, where we are more interested in asking questions that start conversations than in making pronouncements that end conversations, where people with different ways of thinking and praying and being are welcome at the table.

Monday, August 27, 8-11am, and Tuesday August 28, 8-10 am: We want to greet you!
EAT. PRAY. GO. as you pass by St. Luke the Evangelist
Stop by for some breakfast, a blessing, and go to class ready to start new things!

Tuesday, August 28, 7-8:30 pm: We want to think and pray with you!
Grace Hour at Bohemeo’s (708 Telephone Rd Suite E, near campus)
Grace Hour is a weekly time to check-in, ask good questions about Scripture and Christian life and our lives, and find strength in ourselves, in each other, and in our God.  Dinner is free; your presence is a gift.

Coffee on Canterbury flyer
Thursday, August 30, 12-2pm: We want to check in with you!
Coffee on Ca
nterbury at Einstein’s in the Science Building
So, how is week 1 going?  Relax, decompress, get a free beverage of your choice and a bite to eat, and check in with your campus missioner, Maria Bautista Vargas.  Just look for the sign on the table.

Sunday, August 26, 6:30-8:30 pm:  The TSU Campus Missioner Maria Bautista Vargas will be in the pulpit!
Communion and Dinner with The Gathering at St. Luke the Evangelist, 3530 Wheeler Ave.

Want to meet up with Maria? Email her at