Every year, nearly 225 leaders from our Spanish-speaking congregations in the Diocese of Texas converge on Camp Allen for about 24 hours of prayer, conversation, dancing, and being church together.  It is an awesome thing.

This Friday and Saturday, the Conference will gather to explore what it means to be a Christian leader in challenging times.  No one can deny that these are challenging times for Latino congregations in the Diocese of Texas.  These are challenging times in the Houston area as the city recovers from Hurricane Harvey, and some recover faster than others.  These are challenging times for immigrant communities throughout Texas as the political climate shifts toward an aggressive xenophobia at odds with the Christian cause of honoring the human dignity of every person.  These are challenging times as our churches seek to go out and find those to whom we are not yet present, people who need to hear a gospel word and to experience grace and compassion.  These are challenging times as younger generations are asking different questions and demanding to be heard and to lead.

In such challenging times, it is encouraging to see a community of leaders come together for prayerful discernment of God’s call to us.

Houston Canterbury will be there, and we would like to invite the young adult leaders present into fellowship and conversation.  Friday night after the Eucharist and such, we will have an informal gathering at the pool.  Bring your floaties, your cooler, and your friends.  On Saturday at lunch, we will host a more organized gathering for conversation in the Tellepsen Room behind the main dining area.  Grab your lunch and join us!