A lot of people seem to assume that summer, for the college missioner, means a lot of this:555b44acb80bcc99383a9b44_jon-hamm-mad-men-episode-14-season-7-part-2

or maybe this:
1476250662COVERTruth be told, the latter is a little bit true.

However, for college missioners working with commuter students, community college students, and grad students – i.e. those who don’t “go home” because they are home – the work of community-building continues throughout the summer.  Yes, the rhythm changes a bit.  Schedules change.  Transitions are in the works: graduations, transfers, orientations, new jobs.  Ways of gathering people that worked during the school year stop working, so regrouping happens.  As that regrouping occurs, the chemistry of those groupings changes.  New needs and new resources emerge.  Summer, therefore, is the season of restless adaptation.  The Spirit is at work creating new unity and community even as it sends some out on new adventures.

This summer, we will do some of this:

Keep your EDOT College Ministries Costa Rica Team in your prayers from May 21-May 28.  Twelve missioners and student leaders from UH, UHCL, Sam Houston, HCC, UT, A&M, and Baylor will be headed to Costa Rica to work with Esperanza Viva and to think with our companion diocese partners about how to develop new modes of young adult and college ministries in contexts where the Anglican tradition is not known.


We will do a bit of this:
11659271_10207017651583733_2658383238466366488_nGeneral Convention is on in Austin in July, and we will have a crew of about 15 young adults participating in the Young Adult Festival, serving as part of the EDOT deputation, volunteering, or writing for The Episcopal Herald.



And this:

27332681_10155733458960862_6180901559466241303_nWhat is summer without a week at Camp Allen?
Keep the Latino Lay Leadership Conference in your prayers on June 15-16, and pray for Session S (senior high camp) during the last week of July.

But, stay tuned for our calendar, because several of our small groups will continue to gather, including Ladies’ Night (first Fridays) and The Skeptics Supper Club (second Thursdays).  If you are in town just for the summer, come on and join in.  You are welcome.

Also, this is a great time to reach out to your college missioners, Maria and Eileen, for 1-on-1 conversations about whatever is on your mind: financial planning for the school year, what you want to do with your life, the challenges of adulting, ideas for new ministries – whatever it might be, we are here for you.  Incoming freshmen and transfers, we want to meet you!
Let’s do this:







The Rev. Eileen O’Brien, eobrien@houstoncanterbury.org, Missioner

Maria Bautista Vargas, mbautista@houstoncanterbury.org, Missioner Associate