July 4-9, 2018
Austin, TX

Have you ever wondered how The Episcopal Church makes decisions and stays connected?  The primary way is a little thing we do every three years called General Convention.  This year, Gen Con will be nearby in Austin, and Houston Canterbury wants to see you there.

If you are a young adult, age 18-30, the best way to get into General Convention is to sign up for the Young Adult Festival, July 4-9.  You will be there for the beginning of Convention, so you will get to see how the legislative process gets moving and you will be immersed in the worship and Episco-family reunion aspects of the gathering.  Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to make your voice heard by giving testimony on issues that you care about.  Short of finding someone in Austin who will let you sleep on their couch, there is no less expensive way to attend General Convention than the Young Adult Festival.  So, come on!  You can register here: https://dfms.formstack.com/forms/yaf2018.  If you need a scholarship, talk to The Rev. Eileen O’Brien, eobrien@houstoncanterbury.org.

Houston Canterbury will be hosting a couple Houston-based in-person preparation sessions for Young Adult Festival participants and volunteers in advance of General Convention.  Get oriented to the legislative process ahead of time so that you can make your voice heard.  We are also looking for a couple brilliant young writers for The Episcopal Herald, an online source of commentary on General Convention directed to thinking about the future church.