Be a part of a transformative event!

On March 9-12, St. Andrew’s in the Heights is hosting a Miqra. Miqra is a Hebrew word that means “a public reading of scripture,” and that’s exactly what we will do. We will read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, in 72 hours.

 We hear readings from the Bible every Sunday, but how often do we really sit down and read the Bible? How does it relate to our lives? The Miqra is a way for the reader to spend some time just reading the Bible. This is not a performance; rather it is a way for us to spend some time devoted to understanding and honoring the book that defines what we believe.

 Anyone can participate! You don’t have to be a certain age, be an experienced lay reader, or a member of St. Andrew’s. Sign up and schedule your time at

 Check out the schedule for this special event and make sure to participate.

 Friday, March 9, 7 PM – The Reading begins following Welcome and Evening Prayer.

 Saturday, March 10, 9 AM-3 PM –  Explore the Hands-on Bible Museum, and experience the Bible through music, stories, and art. All ages are invited to spend the day being inspired and challenged by what we know and what we can discover about our sacred texts.

 The day will include Tony Pryor and Living Your Voice singers, master storyteller Kathy Culmer, the call of the ram’s horn, lunch in the Parish Hall, activities incorporating art, culture and history, as well as fun things to take home!

 Saturday, March 10, 4 PM – Singing the Psalms with members of the St. Andrew’s Choir

 Sunday, March 11 – The reading continues throughout the day in the church and in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd.

 Monday, March 12 – Youth and Community Partners Day – Youth, and partners from the community and fellow congregations, are invited to come and read, tour the Bible Museum, and enjoy fellowship in our space.

 Please contact Carissa Baldwin-McGinnis ( ) or Lisa Puccio ( with questions or for more information.