On January 12, we had our first Ladies’ Night at Laura’s house in South Houston, and I have to say it was pretty awesome to be with such an inspiring group of women.  26731089_10155696359840862_5374528909084861346_n

Our next gathering will be at Idania’s place on Friday, February 2, 7-8:30 pm, but we want to stay in touch between now and then.  So, we have created a bilingual (English/Spanish) online space for questions and chatting on GroupMe called Ladies’ Night (Houston Canterbury), and we would love to have you join us there even if you weren’t able to make the first meeting.    Also, keep an eye out for photo and video-based reflections that will keep you inspired and curious as the next in-person gathering approaches.

We are ordering more copies of Fierce: Women of the Bible and Their Stories of Violence, Mercy, Bravery, Wisdom, Sex, and Salvation and Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to the Women of the Torah and the Throne.  To get your copy, get in touch with Eileen (eobrien@houstoncanterbury.org).