IMG_6615This week, The Gathering at St. Luke the Evangelist welcomes our guest preacher Maria Bautista.  Maria is a student at UHD, a community organizer for the The Metropolitan Organization (TMO), and she has a way of proclaiming God’s word.  Come join us at St. Luke the Evangelist at 3530 Wheeler Ave (6:30-8:30 pm) for communion and community.  Dinner and food for thought will be abundant.

This Sunday, the readings in church take a turn toward the apocalyptic with 1 Thess 4 (the not-the-rapture passage) and Mt 25:1-13 (the wise and foolish bridesmaids).  Come explore with the Canterbury community as we widen our lens to look at the big picture of salvation, at God’s great vision for all of creation.  Join us in our extended Advent experiment.