Grace Hour is that time during the week when we get together to check-in with each other and wrestle together with scripture and the theologies (the ideas about who God is and what God has to do with us) that we encounter in our culture.  We gather close to the UH and TSU campuses at Bohemeo’s (708 Telephone Rd, Suite E, 77023), and dinner is on Canterbury.

This semester, we will start off with a big question that is much on people’s minds as we grapple with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the destructive earthquake in southern Mexico.  How do we speak of a God who is actively involved in the life of the world when natural disasters happen?
We’ll approach this big question from three different angles:
1) The God of the Creation Stories and Natural Evil: If God created a good world, what happened?

2) The God of the Flood Stories and Natural Disasters: Does God send disaster as a mode of divine judgment?

3) The God of the Apocalypses and Natural Disasters:
Suffering, Prayer, and the Healing of the World

Be sure to invite friends who you think would be intrigued by this discussion.  The more different points of view, the merrier!

If you are interested in doing a little reading up on this topic, you may want to check out this book:
Fretheim, Terence E.  Creation Untamed: The Bible, God and Natural Disasters.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker 2010.