June 16-17, Latino Lay Leadership Conference at Camp Allen
2017 COHM poster english
Houston Canterbury will fund registration for four students who are active in either Canterbury at UH or Canterbury in the Community.  The conference will be in Spanish, and the focus of this conference is on community development.  How do we engage invitation, welcome, and connection as spiritual disciplines?

July 31-August 3, Nuevos Horizontes at Camp Allen
The theme of this year’s Conferencia Nuevos Horizontes is “El Ministerio Latino para la próxima Generación”.  This is a theme that is particularly relevant in our community, and since it’s good for the Church to have people of the “next generation” in the room when we are talking about you, Houston Canterbury will provide scholarships for up to 3 participants.  For more information, check out the conference’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1944581162431311/.  Note that this is a fast turnaround if you are helping with STU Week at Camp Allen, so be realistic.