Big fun was had at Diocesan Council this past weekend.  Houston Canterbury was ably represented by Michelle Umana (delegate), Maria Gutierrez (alternate), and The Rev. Eileen O’Brien.  Kimberly Bueno represented San Pablo/St. Paul’s.  This year16641114_10154736993585862_841999961601511835_n, members of Canterbury stepped into elected leadership positions in the diocese.  Marcia Quintanilla was elected to the Standing Committee.  Luz Montes was elected as a Lay Deputy for General Convention and Provincial Synod.  Michelle Umana and The Rev. Eileen O’Brien will serve as 1st alternate for General Convention and Provincial Synod in the lay and clergy order, respectively.  Next year’s Diocesan Council will be in Waco, TX.  Get ready!

This week is Interfaith Week at UH!  Check out the flyer for a full list of events: Interfaith Week.

Tuesday, February 14:  Happy Valentine’s Day!  There will be no gathering at Bohemeo’s.  Instead, join us for the noon Eucharist on Wednesday and the Sermon Slam on Wednesday night.

Wednesday, February 15: 
11:30-12:30 Free Lunch at the AD Bruce
12:15-12:45  Eucharist in the Meditation Chapel on the 2nd floor.  Canterbury is in charge of this one, so come help out!
7:00-8:00   UH Interfaith Sermon Slam – Jorden Smith will be repping Canterbury.  Join us in the Legacy Lounge of the UC and support your student preachers.  Check out the event on Facebook here.

Thursday, February 16:  Drop by the Canterbury Suite today and meet our new student assistant, Maria Gutierrez.  Maria will be helping with communications, event planning, and other duties as assigned.  She is currently studying at HCC with plans to transfer to UH.
7 – 10 pm: YA Community Night at the Island at St. Martin’s  Aside from YA Community Night’s usual charms (music, battles, basketball, soccer, and free food), you can always find someone to talk to about school stuff, tax stuff, and documents stuff.  Drop on by.

Friday, February 17:  Coffee on Canterbury, 9-11 am  Drop in at Cougar Grounds for coffee, checking in, and recentering time.  The coffee is on Canterbury.

Sunday, February 19: The Rev. Eileen O’Brien will be preaching and celebrating all services at Santa Maria Virgen (9600 Huntingdon Pl Dr).

Coming up:
February 25: Canterbury in the Community Gathering, 6:30-8 pm, location TBA
February 26: The Rev. Eileen O’Brien will be preaching at San Pablo/St. Paul’s (7843 Park Place Blvd)