Immigration Forum at Christ Church Cathedral

La Iglesia Catedral de Cristo está patrocinando un segundo Foro Informativo de Inmigración el viernes 24 de febrero de 6-8:30 p.m. en el salón Reynolds. Oradores del área legal y organización comunitaria harán presentaciones informativas sobre el estado actual de la problemática migratoria a nivel estatal y federal, y las formas cómo puede ser afectada […]

Canterbury this Week: Feb 20-27

Tuesday, February 21, 7-8:30 pm: Join us at Bohemeo’s for dinner, discussion and together time. We will take a little detour from our Stories You Thought You Knew Bible Study to spend a little time with St. Augustine and The Confessions, a juicy Christian classic. Dinner is on Canterbury. Bring your curiosity and a friend. Wednesday, February […]

A New UH/TSU Student-centered Sunday Night Service

Join us during the season of Lent on Sunday nights at St. Luke the Evangelist Episcopal Church, conveniently located on Wheeler between the UH and TSU campuses, for a student-centered Eucharist and community meal.  We promise that you will go home with leftovers, fresh insights into the gospel, and food for thought and prayer. On […]

Ruth: Level Up

Last night at Bohemeo’s, we explored the story of Ruth. If you want to level up and learn more, here are a couple options: Who are you, my daughter?  Reading Ruth through Image and Text, by Ellen Davis. Get it here.  This text is an annotated and illustrated translation of Ruth with woodcuts by Margaret Adams Parker. […]