Tuesday, January 24: Grace Hour at Bohemeo’s (7-8:30 pm)
Join us for Grace Hour just off campus at Bohemeo’s. Dinner is on Canterbury. This week, we will delve into another story you thought you knew from VBS and Sunday School: Daniel and the lions’ den.  Get ready for some wild, weird stuff from the Book of Daniel.

Wednesday, January 25: FREE Lunch at the Bruce (11:30-1:00 pm), Common Worship (12:15-12:50 pm) in the Meditation Chapel on the 2nd floor of the AD Bruce. Canterbury is in charge this week, so come a little early and be ready to help out.  This week we will celebrate the Feast of the Conversion of Saul/Paul.

Thursday, January 26: YA Community Night at St. Martin’s – Dinner and breakdancing battles start at 7:15 pm; House Night begins around 9:00 pm.  Come chill.

Friday, January 27: Coffee on Canterbury at Cougar Grounds (9-11 am)  Bring a friend and drop on by to check in, reflect on the week, or just enjoy some free coffee.

Saturday, January 28: Canterbury in the Community (7-8:30 pm)
This week we will meet up at Luz and Thanh’s place on the SW side of the 610 loop.  Email eobrien@houstoncanterbury.org for the address.  Dinner will be provided, but sides, desserts, and drinks are welcome contributions!

Reminders: It is not too late to sign up for College Retreat, Feb 3-5 at Camp Allen, here.
Find out about the Costa Rica Trip, May 22-28, here.