Hey all!  Welcome back!

Tuesday, January 17: Grace Hour at Bohemeo’s (7-8:30 pm)
Join us for Grace Hour just off campus at Bohemeo’s. Dinner is on Canterbury. This week, we will open a couple of the often overlooked small books in the Bible, because sometimes those small books speak loudly. We’ll dig into that ever popular children’s Bible story, the story of Jonah, with the help of a little book that you may have never heard of: Nahum. Come join the conversation, and read with new eyes.

390051_10150570262540862_589616809_nWednesday, January 18: FREE Lunch at the Bruce (11:30-1:00 pm), Common Worship (12:15-12:50 pm) in the Meditation Chapel on the 2nd floor of the AD Bruce. Celebrate the Confession of St. Peter with us.

Thursday, January 19: YA Community Night at St. Martin’s – Dinner and breakdancing battles start at 7:30 pm; House Night begins around 9:00 pm.  Come chill.

Friday, January 20: Coffee on Canterbury at Cougar Grounds (9-11 am)  Bring a friend and drop on by to check in, reflect on the week, or just enjoy some free coffee.

Reminders: Sign up for College Retreat, Feb 3-5 at Camp Allen, here.
Find out about the Costa Rica Trip, May 22-28, here.