This week, as we begin our weekly Wednesday 12:15 Eucharist in the AD Bruce Meditation Chapel, Canterbury welcomes musician Carver Mathis.  Music plays a vital role when we come together to encounter the gospel of Christ because of its power to take hold of us and present the truth as a living force.  This semester, Carver will be with us to help us develop our own musical tradition in the context of the Wednesday service.

carver2Carver is a classically-trained vocalist who has studied at the American Music and Drama Arts Academy in New York.  In addition to his work as a performer and singer, he is a teacher.  He offers voice lessons throughout the Houston area, and, for the past few years, he has served as Music Curator and Choir Director at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Pearland.  As a lifelong Episcopalian, Carver has a familiarity with the depth and amazing breadth of Christian worship.  His creativity, flexibility and gentle spirit will be a profound gift to our community.

Join us this Wednesday, August 24, from 12:15-12:45 in the Meditation Chapel on the second floor of the AD Bruce Religion Center to meet Carver and to start your first week back on a joyful note.
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