120831085605-01-isaac-landov-fri-horizontal-galleryA note from your missioner:
A number of you have contacted me recently about how we might be able to provide assistance and relief to flood victims in Louisiana.  Right now, as needs are assessed, the most urgent need is for your financial generosity.  Consider donating to Episcopal Relief and Development.  The scope of this disaster is overwhelming and much will be required to restore something of what has been lost.

As the Diocese of Louisiana moves from emergency relief to long term disaster and recovery assistance, we will stay watchful for opportunities to provide more hands-on assistance.  So, stay ready and anxious to jump in the car and get your hands dirty on behalf of others, but remain patient as well.  Timing is key.  In the coming weeks, we will be opening lines of communication with those who will be coordinating volunteer efforts.  In the meantime, let us continue in prayer and generous giving.

Eternal God, through the resurrection of your Son, the sign of new creation, help us to face the future with courage and hope, knowing that nothing in death or life can ever part us from your love.  Comfort those who mourn and grieve the loss of what was, and give them hope and joy even in the midst of their confusion.  Teach us all to walk in self-sacrificial love together into your future through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.