Being a first generation college student is difficult, but at UH Main Campus, there are some great resources to available to help you navigate the system, adjust to college life, access scholarships and internships, and make it through.

UH in 4
Deadline: August 22, 2016
If you are a freshman or a transfer student, you might want to consider UHin4.  UHin4 is designed to help students complete their degrees in 4 years.  If you enroll in UHin4, your tuition will not go up over the course of the four years, even if UH increases tuition.  You will also receive additional advising and tools to map your progress.Go here for details:

Challenger Program
The Challenger Program works with students facing academic obstacles, financial obstacles, disabilities, and with first generation college students.  It provides services such as tutoring, academic and personal counseling, instruction to strengthen reading and writing skills, financial aid advising, and social programs.  Find out how to apply for this program here:  You do not have to be in your first year at UH in order to apply.

Urban Experience Program
Fall Semester Deadline: Before September 12, 2016
The Urban Experience Program provides academic support, counseling, tutoring, financial support, workshops, and social and professional enrichment.  You do not have to be in your first year at UH to apply for this program, and there is no GPA requirement.  You do, however, have to apply within the first three weeks of the fall or spring semester.  The application process is fairly intensive for this program, so you will want to get moving on it by mid-August.  Find out more here:

These are all programs specific to UH Main Campus.  Need help thinking through which of these programs might work best for you or guidance in working through the application process?  Contact Eileen O’Brien at