Wednesdays all Summer, 12-1 pm on the 2nd floor of the AD Bruce Religion Center

Ellen Davis quips, “At first blush, the concept of ‘biblical ecology’ seems to be an oxymoron – like ‘jumbo shrimp’.” What could the Bible, the text of a primarily agrarian, totally pre-modern society, have to say to us about ecology, a science?

Yet, ecology is the study of relationships between organisms and their surroundings. And as it happens, the Bible has a lot to say about relationships, not just between human beings or between human beings and God, but also between human beings and the whole of the created order. In this time of ecological crisis, the insights of ecology and the witness of the Bible converge, concluding that humanity’s relationship to the earth has become disordered and needs to change. So, it makes sense to turn to the Bible as a text that can reorient us and our relationships toward awareness and wholeness, and toward the kinds of self-giving that can lead to true change.

Over the course of the summer, UH Canterbury, United Campus Ministries, and Lutheran Campus Ministries are banding together to read the Bible through a green lens. Together we will take seriously the Bible’s disorienting and reorienting call to “righteousness” in our relationships, and we will explore ways to live in a more humble, care-full relationship with our immediate surroundings – in our homes, in the communities where we live and work, and right here at UH.


All are welcome to join us on Wednesdays on the 2nd floor of the AD Bruce Religion Center from 12-1 pm.