By Katelyn Kenney

The start of a new semester in college is like riding the Rockin’ Roller Coaster at Disney World. It takes off at full speed and tosses and turns until it suddenly comes cruising to a halt.

Thankfully for the students of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, there is a place where things don’t move nearly as quickly and with much less unpredictable chaos: College Retreat at Camp Allen. College Retreat is a great opportunity to reset after enduri12651173_762507047213729_829794623385779695_nng a few weeks of new semester agony. This year, led by our Abbott Ben Nelson, rector at St. Mark’s Episcopal in San Marcos, we discussed the topic of stress and anxiety, something close to home for many students. Through small groups and workshops that involved music or nature walks or guided meditation, we looked inward and learned new ways to face stress and anxiety in our own lives. It was a weekend full of sunshine, hammocks, new friends, home-cooked meals, Camp Capers Crazy Creeks, and hot cocoa. Lots of hot cocoa.

I left the weekend knowing I would encounter a world of stress back home, but with a deeper understanding of how to reconnect with God in the midst of it all. God is present in our everyday lives, in the “Manic Mondays” and the mundane; all we need to do is stop and look.